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We have improved EF:Afghan, now you can use shop between levels,
and we have added lot of small fixes to interface and game.
feel free to send any feedback/comments.

-New map, again, with enemyGenerator,
-EnemyGenerator now makes easer enemies,
-New Mode - Survival, with 2 difficulties, Sandbox - lots of money, no score-board, and normal, you can play any map with this mode, scores will count only from curent map, not for all together, like in Prison or Defense,
-small balance changes, RPG/AA-Gun now more power-full, sniper more expensive, char-upgrades all prices halved.

Hi guys,
I like to share data of Elite Forces:Defense.
You can use it as you like, If someone like to MOD, or make your own map for this Game, feel free to email me at ef[at]
For terrains I using Terragen(1.5mb) and it`s takes 5-10 minutes to 'paint' and render landscape.

If you have lack of flash knowledge - it`s best chance to you make your own TD. I promise support everyone with upgrading game/tools and etc to make your work easer.
If you`ll build full mod(own maps/scenarios/enemies). I`ll pay you a reward.

Data file:
Tool for routes: (source for flash8)
Lang file: t

PS - if someone need or like to improve art in game, feel free. i`ll give you credits for that =0
Page for lose:
Page for win:
Main theme:

New map,
balance fixes,
new enemies with new abilities.
great tnx to SilverScorpion for balance suggestions.

Hi guys,
tnx for supporting me with this game, I have updated Hero.EF:Defense in morning,
and added new map, new char upgrade, balance fixes for weapons, and some little improvements.
as always feel free to continue pm me with your suggestions.

If you wana try first part of EF-Series, you can tryEF:Jungle it is a platformer, but with same