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Music Wanted - Robots vs Zombi game

2011-07-06 14:29:20 by Badim

Hey guys,
i`m about to finish my new Defense game, specialfor Robot day.
Theme - Robots vs Zombi. If you have or can help me find proper music loop for menu and game - it will be awesome. Credits or rewards from me for sure. Even if you just found it =)

Music Wanted - Robots vs Zombi game


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2011-07-06 15:41:51


Badim responds:

lets try to find smt for free first =)
but for menu and gameplay loops what are prices?


2011-07-06 16:40:34

Hmm here's a song but if u dont like then I'll start working on it right away!


2011-07-06 16:41:19 n/253764
Here it is!

Badim responds:

its cool. but maybe too loud and too short for gameplay. but perfect for menu-theme.
still need 1 more for gameplay.


2011-07-06 19:52:14

I just need to know, is it going to be based off the book series?

Badim responds:

i didnt know there is a book series! lol.
nope, it based on nothing. just had robots and zombi art - so decided to use them for a good defense game.


2011-07-06 22:01:50

Maybe some of my tracks could help. like these?
"Industrial Ruins" n/378759
"Industrial Intrusion" n/413303

Badim responds:

this is really cool! plz check pm =)