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Robot Day + Red Storm = Tankman Survival!

2010-06-24 05:36:11 by Badim

We going to make special version of 'Red Storm Survival Robot Day', with small prizes to users who will make best scores there(50$,25$). There will be no premium stuff, and only special Mechs to play.
Best User who will score highest - will get the prize.

So, while there is some time before R-Day, why not practice little bit in RS2?


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2010-06-24 05:38:01

Umm what?


2010-06-24 07:49:54

The Tankmen will be in the game? You said Tankman Survival!

Badim responds:

yes, you will play as tankman, instead of mech =)


2010-06-24 14:33:57

Are you going to add medals to any of your games? :D

Badim responds:

i can do that, but its not up to me - i will PM Tom - if he allows me to do that, whould be cool.


2010-06-26 23:46:19

Mighty sexy idea, get payed for playing a videogame? where do I sign? I don't think I win it anyway as there's a lot of lifeless gamers around but I'm definitely giving a try o_O


2010-07-02 12:12:31

So you have added Doodle God to the iPhone app store, but what about us android users?
PS: Aweome game.


2010-07-03 11:09:35

What about in doodle god we trust?


2010-07-05 03:22:47

Dude Doodle God is EXCELLENT But may I give you some ideas for number 2?
Like add more groups and elements WAY more and humerous elements such as helium + chipmunks= A HEADACHE and stuff like that oh and also maybe let there be an actual planet which allows you to place your elements on the plantes surface and whatch it run also you MUST include Gold and/or Platinum and Diamons and/or Gems would be awesome thanks !;)


2010-07-05 21:10:02

ya doodle god isnt wrking its going orange screen and refreshing dsnt wrk . so i wld apreceate it if it cld b fixed.


2010-07-09 10:12:28

I'm mad >:( I got all 115 elements on doodle god, but I have no medals for it. I see other people with medals but when I go to the game it doesnt even show medals to be earned >:(


2010-08-08 14:53:21

U see? NG is much cooler than AG


2010-08-17 05:14:15

Are you going to make another 'Doodle God'-like game? Because you said you would.


2010-08-22 03:42:03

Just want to say how privileged I feel to see that the people who created what I consider one of the very very best gaming apps use one of my favourite sites to upload their stuff to :D

I LOVE Doodle God. The Flash version is decent enough but you guys did brilliantly on the app. I just love going back to it every now and then and finding new element combos. I look forward to more episodes and indeed more apps from you.

Thank you.