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Red Storm Update - Faster!

2009-11-27 20:13:32 by Badim

We have just updated our latest game - Red Storm.

Hard mode added, Enemies now move more smart, Optimization to code - less lags.

Currently we developing survival mode for it and new campaign. You will be able to play with your current Mech, so get ready it before great battles!

best regards, Badim.
PS will be cool if you will reccomend it to Shooters.

Red Storm Update - Faster!


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2009-11-27 20:15:57

Cool, I'll check it out ^^


2009-11-28 02:19:48

this game is amazing! I wish i knew how to make a game like that. This game needs newgrounds medals.... :P

Badim responds:

tnx man. actully that is very easy =) if you like i can sent you editor, where you can build your own campaign. i will pm you. coding is hard, but quite routine.


2010-05-30 08:03:11

uhh.. bugs like.... when i went to the store and when i exited, i was just stuck to one spot, i couldnt move.... that happened to me againw hen i was fighting.... and another one where my weapons just jammed... sorry bout the bad review tough.... its a good game...


2010-06-23 13:48:11

Doodle god is awesome. I can't stop playing it. I expected it to be similar to Powder Game.


2010-06-23 13:51:14

In Doodle God why is Plankton's border purple? All the borders are black for all elements... Please reply.